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Two Green Balloons
along the street lined with jewelry,
cakes, and all those things that make a festival
a party,
are the smiles of those who value life.
its about the experience not the six dollars , she says
i watch the boys flip over a rubber duck
an S gets them each an inflatable dolphin.
so we walk more, holding hands, amongst
them all, watching them carrying dolphins, smiling
watching us carrying dolphins, smiling
after cake, two green balloons, and finally the moon bounce
a wonderful day.
nothing matters to the boys, except that moment, and
that their balloons didn't fly away while they bounced.
on second thought, the oldest says on the way back,
lets let the balloons go so God can have them,
a gift from us.
fair enough.
as we get back they forget, lost in another adventure.
i remember later as i empty the car
looking up to the gray sky i let them go
they remain green for a few seconds, then they fade
into the gray, and then they are just two small specs
and finally the are gone, and i am left
:iconhummuss:hummuss 1 6
Peter Puff and Penny Pinch
Peter Puff and Penny Pinch
Slept so tight, within an inch
And on the night they were apart
Ache absorbed their swelling heart
Slumber moored the precious seam
They met each other in a dream
Into the night they flew so high
To the moon they shared the pie
Out so near they floated far
Playing catch with the stars
To the Lord then they vowed
To sleep forever upon the clouds
In the morning the dove would call
They were never apart after all
:iconhummuss:hummuss 2 13
The Prime Time
Years ago I could sit
All day on that chair
My body settled in cushions
Much bigger then than now
Half awake I hear the radio
Lucille, once again
Picked a prime time to leave
I fall back, half asleep
The audience yells, I come to
Higher they try to persuade
But on the couch he says lower
And from the kitchen she calls higher
Only Bob Barker knows for sure
Outside I play amongst the sound
Of locusts (or something clattering)
Once again the ball lands in my glove
Another perfect game,
At least twenty that summer
She calls for me
Fresh Lemonade,
And that chair once again
Out of the window I could see
He picked something from the ground
She starts to stir in the kitchen
I can smell that it’s close to lunch
We talk baseball over gnocchis
She is impressed with how much I know
And he is sure that the Phillies
Will sweep the double header that night
They teach me how to play backgammon
And let me win, once or twice
Back in the chair I dream
Of double sixes upon the dice
I hear them chatti
:iconhummuss:hummuss 3 12
The Birds of Death
Frozen in the atmosphere
Plates of hope break apart
Sorrow drips from above
Stinging my startled eyes
A hurried rush maims my senses
My screams muffled by the wind
Woe swirls around my cover
Chilling my smoldering soul
Stumbling over the outermost gate
I embrace my clattering last breath
Knives of grass serrate my fall
Carving ribbons on my empty shell
Splattered grief fertilizes the earth
A deep quiet sprouts from misery
Alas, the time has faithfully come
For the final feast upon my being
The birds of death will gorge themselves
While devouring my generous remains
:iconhummuss:hummuss 5 26
Like Father, Like Son by hummuss Like Father, Like Son :iconhummuss:hummuss 9 55 Birthday Girl by hummuss Birthday Girl :iconhummuss:hummuss 0 18
A Jelly Sky
Eyes pasted on your skin
Your sides are lost
In Salsa, you wink,
Encouraged, he whispers
We dance tonight and forever
You will be on my mind
I hope to die beautiful
After living in your world

Meanwhile I shake
Under a willow tree
That was once ours
We hid from the Sun
Its light filtered through
The green ribbons in your hair
Never ending and never revealing
And now,
You sway in a flawless love
And I am left alone to sleep
On the cold ground I melt
Into the dirt, I yield
We hold back our tears
Each of us shivering
Underneath a jelly sky
:iconhummuss:hummuss 2 26
Irish Eagle Fan by hummuss Irish Eagle Fan :iconhummuss:hummuss 4 26 Finding Neco by hummuss Finding Neco :iconhummuss:hummuss 1 13
Come Home Little Sister
The Blue Ridge Mountains
Loomed above your peace
The sharpness of the edges
Brought you to your knees
Deeper it pierced
Shadows all remained
It was Tuesday afternoon
You waited on the train
Come home little sister
Come home
We long for the ways
Of splendid yesterdays
The time well spent
In summer's advent
Come home little sister
Come home
Come home little sister
Come home
Grounded in Southern California
The earth nudged you from sleep
The sirens in the night
Kept you from your dreams
Louder they sang
Teardrops all remained
It was Saturday morning
You waited on the train
Come home little sister
Come home
We long for the ways
Of splendid yesterdays
The time well spent
In summer's advent
Come home little sister
Come home
Come home little sister
Come home
It was three and three
Cities and Years later
That I got the call
Of course I was there
Waiting for your train
Welcome home little sister
Welcome home
:iconhummuss:hummuss 2 9
Nico and Wally by hummuss Nico and Wally :iconhummuss:hummuss 2 18 Absorbed by hummuss Absorbed :iconhummuss:hummuss 1 14 Baby Dreams by hummuss Baby Dreams :iconhummuss:hummuss 15 51
Amour Saisi
The moonless night preys upon my regard
Turning, my aplomb reduced to shard
I reach for you through stinging air
Shivering, my buoyancy stripped bare
The roses of our courtship turn to black
Shaking, my charm begins to crack
We dance aimlessly above open graves
Panting, my dash ceased by cagey knaves
A box of tender verse swallowed in flames
Sweating, my flair vanquished in wanton games
A soft melody clamors throughout my quarter
Tossing, my muse buried in veiled mortar
My bride washed away on a distant shore
Gasping, my passion sinks to the ocean floor
My heart fades into the deepest shade of blue
Upon waking, a romantic soul recaptures its hue
:iconhummuss:hummuss 2 21
A Beautiful Life
Through his untried eyes
The world is wondrous
Unfamiliar shapes and
Enchanting colors
Bedazzle his amusement  
Fostering scents and
Soothing sounds
Sails his delight
He begins this journey
Not knowing who he is
Nor wondering why
While direction is pointless
The Sun is met with great regard
He sleeps in his new home
Dreaming like he never will again
We watch over him and smile
Knowing that he is unaware
Of the beautiful life he is about to live.
:iconhummuss:hummuss 2 34
Saturday in the Park
I can smile now
Living in the reflection of
That Saturday from long ago
The Sun sparked my soul
And my thoughts overflowed
In glorious verse
The park existed as a dream
But green and perfectly clear
Like the springtime hope of light
That shines upon a battered trail
Children laughed
As if they had none
And lovers skipped
As if they lost them
An old man on a bench smiled
As if he forgotten them
And a mother blushed over her baby
As if she could hide them
But there were others, Of course
Parading them against the revel
They were dragged out of misery
And forced into the scene
A man that looked worried upon the news
And another that fell out with a friend
And there, upon the stingy grass
Sat a most curious young girl
She mumbled in her pale dissembled skin
As she picked at the blades below
She breathed in the warmth of the day
But exhaled in complete darkness
Perhaps they will find
Their Saturday soon
The same one that found me
On that very afternoon
:iconhummuss:hummuss 5 31

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Pick Me by ClaireM Pick Me :iconclairem:ClaireM 134 369 Puerto Rican Sunset by coldshadows Puerto Rican Sunset :iconcoldshadows:coldshadows 15 30 kelyfos by greykonos kelyfos :icongreykonos:greykonos 79 140
The Real Fountain of Youth
The Real Fountain of Youth
by Kissiah
I have a list inside my head
of things to do before I'm dead.
When the time is right and rolls around
I take that list out and I mark one down.
You'd think the list would be getting smaller
but I keep adding to it so it grows taller.
Now I am sure that I will never ever die
long as I keep that list growing high.  
There are so many things to see and do
I can't possibly go before I'm through.
I have discovered the real fountain of youth
but the elixir is not really water, in truth.  
It's made instead by mixing fantasy and dreams
really living life, giving and finding love, it seems.
Then toss in equal measures of action and intent
And you have the recipe for a long life, most content.
:iconkissiah:Kissiah 2 16
Death has beautiful hands
Once I was tired from all the steps I took
Into a lifetime I did not know
If it was even mine.
Stopping for a minute on a rock
Made out of wishes and dreams
I thought I lost...
Long time ago.
Someone behind wanted to touch my shoulder
Tapping it slow, to catch my eye
Then crept along my neck
Onto my eyes and I
was asked:
"Guess who?"
I leaned with slowly moves
Onto my back,  into those hands
And said "I've missed you...
Why did it took so long ?"
Death has beautiful hands
Not black like you would think
But some sort of a shaded white
With some blue reflexed veins
Through which the soul,
Your Soul
Will creep up and go down
Not able to escape that skin
At least, no more.
As I was leaning back, fell on the grass
Which cradled me with little needless leaves
Caressing my cheeks, I saw
Its eyes reflecting into mine
And smiled, 'cause Death
Had kissed me with
the most beautiful lips
I've ever seen..
It bled itself upon my mouth
Its blood was dripping slow
So it would drain what's
:iconsilvarith:Silvarith 1 8
Through the Gate-The Story of by daaram Through the Gate-The Story of :icondaaram:daaram 4 53
She bends her neck
Exposing herself without shame
Laughing under her skin
Milk shaded touch
Can you imagine a circle of fire
That freezes your fingers
As truth burns the lips of a liar
When you try wearing it?
Can you imagine ice
Tickling your heart by heating
Close to a  heartattack?
And clock stopping its beating
A second of hour...
A swan, an eagle and a snake
Melt into a common body
Covered in smoke and in ashes
Steamingly hot, yet unvanished...
Anyone?Anybody?no one
Phatasmagorycal creature
With claws prepared to caress
The tongue wants to taste
Slithers, split
Her scales cover up and they hide
The shape of a siren
Inside the sun.
Confess to the one who lost his mind
His dignity, the pride of human kind
Tell him if you regret
Being humiliated and then  stepped
Upon, with heels so sharp
They left the marks carved in his back
And torn apart, heart slipping out
Out of his mouth, onto the ground
She takes it slow, looking inside
And puts the heart back in the
:iconsilvarith:Silvarith 3 9
Her Story, Until Now
Tears falling down my face
Empty words simply left unsaid
Music blaring to no end at all
My heart spilled all over the ground

What has happened to this amazing woman?
She was going to be a lovely mother
And work to help other people survive
As well as be someone special
Shattered memories stir inside
I feel like I have disappointed you
My love, my life, my everything
Not even tears can save our love

She was a great person at heart
No one worked as hard as she did
Or tried so hard to make things right
Between everything and everyone
I tried my best, I really did
I've worked hard enough to cry
And willed my trembling heart
To do what no other person could do

She gave life her all no matter what
She fought through the hard times
And struggled just to find herself
In this place where evil is at play
It hurts to even think of what happened
I know that I have affected many people
And have changed their lives for the better
Even in my short time of appreciated existenc
:iconjerzchick16:jerzchick16 3 16
Mr. Tidy by ewm Mr. Tidy :iconewm:ewm 886 345 Body Scape by De-Profundis Body Scape :iconde-profundis:De-Profundis 24 36 holiday painting The sea by grumpy-hornet holiday painting The sea :icongrumpy-hornet:grumpy-hornet 2 8
Ink Fae
There was this girl
Inside a tower of paper,
Breathing in letters of love,
Caressed by stars and sheltered.
She had a dress so soft, divine,
Was wrapped around her being
The muse of someone else, but mine
Daughter of care and feelings.
--The lost muse that I've had around
Has packed her wings
Was leaving --
A guest is still a guest, they say
Human or born in magic,
Transformed a poem in a tent;
But tears were in its attic.
From memories I sew the sheets
Just like a spiderweb;
So fine and smoothest to the touch
To make the Fairy's bed...
A dandelion was so kind,
To borrow me her crown,
From that I've made the softest mould,
A pillow for the head.
That was the night of Northern lights,
Shinning upon my soul,
The night a muse of someone else
Got lost and hosted her.
"Thank you for all you've done
I think we haven't met;
I am the Fairy of the Ink"
"My name is Silvarith"
---She laughs in sounds of little bells
Spreading some Jasmin smell---
Suddenly Dawn and on her way
The fae of bluest Ink
:iconsilvarith:Silvarith 2 5


Santa's List by Katerina-Art Santa's List :iconkaterina-art:Katerina-Art 78 130 II.Our Journey Begins by Aun-Juli II.Our Journey Begins :iconaun-juli:Aun-Juli 7 20 portrait of rita . by suk0shi-hamu portrait of rita . :iconsuk0shi-hamu:suk0shi-hamu 527 467 The Hares and the Frogs by blindedangel The Hares and the Frogs :iconblindedangel:blindedangel 131 34



is food for the soul
United States
Current Residence: A Merry Land
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Electronica, New Age, Classical, Soul & Soft Rock
Favourite photographer: Aun-Juli Riddle
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MP3 player of choice: Ipod 30GB Video
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Wallpaper of choice: Anything Blue.
Skin of choice: Smooth
Favourite cartoon character: Lisa Simpson & The Brain
Personal Quote: Part of being open minded is allowing others to be close minded.
Truly a remarkable woman. Always giving and very kind. Within the past year we celebrated her 80th, a party none of use will soon forget. All her family together in one place. What a feeling for us, and I can imagine that it was one of the greatest days of her remarkable life.

I take from her kindness. I remember when she pulled me aside one gathering and told me how much I meant to the family and how her family thought of me and the boys of one her own. She never made anyone feel as if they were on the outside looking in. In today's age a true gem, I hope many of us can learn from this.

And what she meant to her family, amazing. Being married, eternally. And a mother all the way through, to a grandmother. Sticking by her man. A true woman. RIP


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